Local farmers?

Ashton Woods

Local farmers?

Does anyone know any local dairy, chicken farmers, or anyone who collects honey? Would love to get in on the local community’s marketplace for these items. For the benefit of the whole community, if there are other local options for produce or meat, that would be good information to have too.

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  1. Danny Wimer says:

    The burger from Buena Vista is outstanding. There’s absolutely no comparison between burger in grocery stores and locally butchered. We get a quarter or half beef at a time. You can request your own cuts the way you like them. Oh and, you’ll need a deep freeze for a half but you won’t be disappointed.

  2. Bill Russell says:

    Thanks Paul. Know anyone specifically who sells eggs and milk from their farm?

  3. Paul Graham says:

    There is a farm called Buena Vista Farm on Route 220 just north of Moorefield on the left side of the road for fresh veggies (seasonal), a meat market called The Flying W in Burlington on Route 50 (expensive but good meat) & a natural food store called The Farmer’s Daughter on Route 50 in Capon Bridge. Farmer’s Daughter sells just about everything & has good reviews. Ashton Woods actually has a resident, John Rice, who sells local honey. Hardman’s hardware also sells local honey.

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