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Local Insurance Company

Hello neighbors, we are about to get ready to build our log cabin in Ashton Woods. We are from out of state and don’t know the area well. Do you have any recommendations for local insurance agents who can help us with a builders insurance that we can then convert into a homeowners insurance when the cabin is done? Thanks for your help. Best, Hannes

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  1. Hannes Endhardt says:

    Thanks so much everybody, this is extremely helpful. We will contact Judy and Lori to see who can work with us. Looking forward to being in AW more often when we have the cabin.

    • Paul Turkheimer says:

      judy ball just told me that we are too far from the fire dept. so i emailed her the post a out the dry hydrants.
      will let you know what she says.
      paul turkheimer

  2. Jklearish says:

    Good information to file away. My wife and I desire to build a cabin on our lot. I would be very much interested to learn who is doing your building and which log home company you purchased from.

    John and Kim

    • Hannes Endhardt says:

      Hi there, we bought our log cabin kit from eLog Homes in NC. We were lucky to log everything in before the wood prices exploded, so they had a very competitive price compared to others. We also were able to do a bunch of customizations to their standard floor plan, which was important to us.
      We are now working with a local general contractor from Petersburg to get the cabin erected and built out. Feel free to ping me directly, if you have more questions. My email is endhardt@gmail.com
      Best, Hannes

  3. Philip Collins says:

    Hello. We highly recommend Berg Insurance. We spoke with Lori Baker (304-257-4244). She’s excellent and was very knowledgeable about insuring cabins.

    I spoke with multiple insurance agents in Moorefield and surrounding areas and repeatedly ran into the same challenge: our cabin’s location is beyond the requirement of no more than 10 miles from a fire station. Some of the insurance companies would have waived that requirement if we already had insurance with them for our primary home. But, that didn’t work for us, because our primary home isn’t insured with any of those companies.

    We were so grateful to find Berg Insurance. They specialize in providing insurance for secondary homes, especially cabins. And, they were by far the most competitive rate. In fact, I had another insurance company tell me to go with Berg Insurance, because they couldn’t come close to Berg’s quote. I also checked out Berg Insurance and learned they are very reputable with an excellent reputation.

    Had I known what I do now, I would have skipped the many days of research and gone with Berg Insurance in the first place. I’m happy to chat further if you have any questions. (cell: 202-746-4451)

    Hilary (and Phil)
    Lot 219

    • Tom Craigo says:

      Yeah, we have Nationwide at hour main house, but they wouldn’t insure AW. We first got The Hartford, but have since gone to State Farm. Basically, if you can get insurance, then get it.

  4. Tom Craigo says:

    Judy Ball here, too. The Hartford also insures in AW, but I don’t recommend them, they were rather hard to deal with on a claim we had, so we switched to State Farm on others recommendations. Probably having a ‘local’ agent is a plus.

  5. Linda Wangerin says:

    Hannes, we’ve been with Judy Ball, State Farm, in Moorefield for 18 years. Be sure your chosen insurer knows about our dry hydrants as the distance from firehouses can be a factor in obtaining coverage. Welcome to Ashton Woods!

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