Looking for excavator/earth mover recomendation

Ashton Woods

Looking for excavator/earth mover recomendation

Hello AW Community,

We’re looking for recommendations for an excavator/earth mover to level a building site for a pole barn and dig a fish pond. The previous contractor we had lined up has no-showed without warning three times, so now we need to look for new bids. Appreciate references on contractors to contact (or avoid).


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  1. Tim Schafer, just4schaf@aol.com says:

    Hey Ed, who is the the “No Show” 3 times? So we can avoid them. Thanks, Tim

  2. CoalBarons@aol.com says:

    Ed –Phils # is 304-851 4527

  3. Tom Craigo says:

    We’ve always used Eugene Rinker (ER excavating), but have also used Phil Rinker for bush-hogging. Would recommend both.

    • Ed Gorecki says:

      Hi Tom – any chance you have Phil’s number? I’ve reached out to all of the other recommendations already.

      Thanks all for the great recommendations!

  4. Tim Schafer, just4schaf@aol.com says:

    Ed, Randy’s at 304-671-2674. Great work, great price. Tim Schafer lots 204,205

  5. CoalBarons@aol.com says:

    either Randy Buckley or Phil Rinker would be fine I would think. Both have properties here and as far as I know do good honest work. Phil maintains the roads.

  6. randyscontracting@frontier.com says:

    My company has been doing excavating work in Ashton Woods. I have my equipment in Ashton Woods now. I can provide you with recommendations. I’m also a landowner in Ashton Woods. Please contact me at 304-671-2674. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Randy Buckley

  7. joekidwell777@hotmail.com says:

    Randy’s Contracting. Land owner in Ashton Woods. Contact Randy Buckley. 13046712674

  8. bananatreeisland@yahoo.com says:

    Hi Ed,
    My company owns Lot 27. We are licensed contractors in WV, license #WV057984, excavator and general contractor. We had actually just completed a 96X48 pole barn on our property down by Mathias, ready for some more work. We can send someone up to look at your site and get you an estimate. If you give me your email address I will send you some pictures of the job we just finished.
    Please call Robert at 386-986-0127.

    Miles Roth

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