Looking for Hay Bales

Ashton Woods

Looking for Hay Bales

We are new to the area. Does anyone know where we can get a couple of hay bales?


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  1. Geoff Brehm says:

    If it is straw bales you are looking for Southern States usually have them.

  2. William Winch says:

    Hay? That’s cattle Feed. You mean STRAW, which would be the waste shaft from Wheat, or Barley or Oats, not Hay. Big difference in how you request it. Straw is what you would want for a top layer after seeding or for bedding if you had livestock. Straw is not readily available until mid summer or unless a local farmer has a barn full of it.


  3. Linda Wangerin says:

    Chris, you might try calling the Wardensville Farmers Market. If they don’t have hay bales, perhaps they’d have a lead for you. Phone:

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