New Access Codes To Be Assigned

Ashton Woods

New Access Codes To Be Assigned

To All AW Property Owners:

As there are many non-owners using valid access codes to enter Ashton Woods, we will be changing every owner’s access code. The process will take up to a week, and while these changes are being made, your fobs will still work and we will communicate an access code for each gate. When a new code is assigned to each owner, that owner will receive an email with the new code.

We ask that you protect the privacy of your new code.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Paul Wangerin, AWPOA Board President

7 Responses

  1. says:

    Paul and Sean,

    This is great news and thank you for the tremendous effort to complete this endeavor.


  2. John Tapolcai says:

    Will our current codes still work up until a new code is programmed and assigned to us?

    • Sean Lecher says:

      John- when I start the process next week, all codes will be removed. Each gate will then have a generic code(1111, 2222, 3333) assigned so everyone will still have access. Once all codes are changed, I will begin emailing every owner with their new code. After all emails are sent, I will then remove the generic code and we should be back to normal operations with the new owner codes.
      It’s a tedious process and I’m hoping to get it all done by the end of next week.


  3. Ed Gorecki says:

    To Paul and the rest of the Board members – thanks for staying on top of the safety and security of the community. I’m sure this isn’t a task that you (or anyone) is particularly excited to do. I agree with Lawrence that this is likely something all residents should expect to do with some regularity. I would also support investing in something that would allow us to record/photo-capture who is punching in our codes.

    While my family has seen very few visitors during this pandemic, we have had to share our code a few times with out-of-town guests due to the unreliability of the call box (at the Trough View gate). We’ve had both guests and contractors frequently tell us that they were unable to call us from the box and had no cell signal, and thus had to wait at the gate until someone else drove in/out. I also periodically test the call box when I’m expecting company and have found it non-functioning several times this year. Sean has been very responsive when I’ve reached out to him to report this. Perhaps we can invest in a more reliable call box system that would eliminate the need for residents to share their codes as frequently?

  4. says:

    Hello, is there an available log to see when our access codes have been used? I completely understand that if my family’s code has been compromised that it needs to be changed, but if not, it would much easier for us to keep it as is.


      That is an excellent point. Those logs should exist. But perhaps it is faster just to randomly generate and assign new ones. And, like passwords, these codes probably should be changed regularly. It is the new unfortunate normal.

    • Paul Wangerin says:

      Yes, David, there are logs, and we access them when there is a specific problem issue for us to review. And as I have replied to several others who replied privately, we do need to change every code.

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