offers for you property

Ashton Woods

offers for you property

Anyone else out there getting a low ball offer to buy your property from Evans IG, LLC in Woodlands TX
I am located close the Corridor H gate?

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  1. says:

    We have received several offer – same group out of Texas. We have absolutely no interest in selling.

  2. says:

    Yeah, John… #62 is a great property! I handled that sale to the owner you purchased from. I may put my Lot 61 next to you on the market before long. It’s the right time.

  3. says:

    Don’t be tempted! Nothing new here, but they may be more prevalent of late with people worried about a coming recession late this summer. I receive them regularly for my own properties at laughable prices. They’re mostly land-flipping schemes by the many little 1-2 person operations based in FL, MT and Las Vegas that buy property at tax foreclosure auctions. Buy extremely low, put back on the market at well-above-market prices, but with easy, high-interest, no credit-check, owner-financing, to less-than-qualified buyers who think they’re “investments”. When the buyers stumble and fail to keep-up the high payments, the seller-lenders take it back and sell it again. A perfectly legal scam. As a local Realtor I can tell you this is a GOOD time to have your property on the market, right before an expected recession when values may fall again. Prices aren’t going up this year, but properties are selling much faster in 2020 than in past years. Ashton Woods is at an all-time low in real estate inventory on the market… just 11 lots (normal is 20-30) and one home on the market right now in AW. I’m down to just 2 AW listings myself now. Charlie Winfree, Lots 61,71 & 77. 304-289-5424

    • John Miller says:

      Thx for the feedback, thought maybe another power line going through. I am building a cabin on lot 62 which I absolutely love, has a little of everything stream, spring, cliffs, location to shopping in Moorefield and great view of the mountains and bridge. I wouldn’t sell for 1/2 M right now. Place to go when all hell breaks loose in this country. Plan on leaving it to my kids!


  4. says:

    yes, over a year now. I think these are very common. Why do you think this is about another power line?


  5. says:

    We got one too

  6. says:

    We got the same thing this week, I think they are sending out offers at about 20 cents on the dollar. I don’t blame anyone for trying to make a profit on a deal but that was just crazy low.

  7. John Miller says:

    thx for reply

  8. says:

    We’ve been getting ridiculously low offers from a firm in Texas for years.

  9. Peter & Dot Cooke says:

    Yes. We received one too. Went right into the shredder.

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