Our cat Oreo came home

Ashton Woods

Our cat Oreo came home

He went missing on 21 June and last night we heard his meow. He has lost a lot of weight but he is now home.

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  1. Tom Craigo says:

    Ah, so glad he’s back safe and sound!

  2. beaglebowmaster@gmail.com says:

    Glad he made it back!

  3. Richard D Willard says:

    I need a cat size Go Pro just in case he takes off again.

    Thank everyone

  4. harrisbaines@me.com says:

    YAY!!!! We called for Oreo that first weekend hoping he would show up on our lot. So glad he’s home!

  5. rayspainting6@gmail.com says:

    That’s wonderful. I’m glad he found his way home.

  6. David Steckler says:

    How wonderful! He must have had an adventure!


  7. Linda Wangerin says:

    What happy news! Bet Oreo could tell you of many adventures during her journey.

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