Pest Control Suggestions

Ashton Woods

Pest Control Suggestions

Looking for recommendations for pest control companies/services. I currently use Paramount Pest and have been getting general treatments every 2-4 weeks for quite a while, but the stink bugs and wasps have not dissipated. Any suggestions for successful treatment options are greatly appreciated!

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  1. Bill Russell says:

    We use PMSI out of Winchester. They have their own code to the community. They’ve been great. They also come quarterly and have really helped us to get the bugs and pests under control.

  2. Ed Gorecki says:

    We started using Terminix this last Fall because all of my DIY efforts weren’t enough. We get quarterly treatments, and they will come back at any point, free of charge, if you’re still having issues (we haven’t had to do this yet). I gotta say, it’s been pretty successful. I haven’t found a single active wasp nest on the house so far this spring, and they love our deck and overhangs. We still get a few stink bugs here and there, but it’s tolerable.


    Lot 236

    • H&A Regensburger says:

      Our experience is the same as Ed’s, Lot 236 except we started using Home Paramount in fall 2018.
      Lot 41

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