Pics of emu in AW on 29 Oct

Ashton Woods

Pics of emu in AW on 29 Oct

Debbie Buckley sent along these two photos she took driving along Ashton Woods Drive on 29 Oct.

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  1. says:

    Wow! where along AWD was this taken??

    • H&A Regensburger says:

      Had to check back with Debbie. It was taken outside the Ashton Woods Drive West Gate.

  2. Rich Willard says:

    We saw it in AW on Friday as we went tp pick up the girls from the schools bus. It was near green shed on South Branch Mountain Rd.

  3. Randy Nittoli says:

    We actually saw it along Trough Road as we were leaving AW today! It chased alongside our truck/RV for about a quarter mile or so.

  4. Tom Craigo says:

    I certainly hope the owner can be contacted before the height of the hunting season. It won’t stand a chance. As someone else said, someone on 55 near Warrenton has Emus. Hope they can catch it.

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