Plumber contractor

Ashton Woods

Plumber contractor

Please can some recommend a good plumber

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  1. Rich Willard says:

    D&D Plumbing did a fantastic job with our plumbing

  2. Richard (Dick) Smull says:

    Wicks Plumbing has done well for us. 304-874-3382.

    • Shawn Curry says:

      I had a good experience with the rough in work D&D Plumbing did for me a few years ago. They’re currently working a well issue I’m having (pump failure after 6 years of light use) and they’ve been responsive and helpful up to this point. For my issue, they had a replacement pump available however not the equipment to pull a pump at my depth (660′). I initially contacted BW Smith as they installed my pump but was informed they were several weeks out and recommended I contact D&D. I called D&D on a Tuesday and they were out the following Tuesday, which I though was pretty good for the area and past dealings with local contractors. I’m scheduled for the pump replacement on 30 September (ironically they are borrowing/renting a crane from BW Smith) and I’ll update my experience if it turns negative.
      Note: Extra narrative added to emphasize limitations of a plumbing company doing well work and that not much happens quickly on the mountain – especially during hunting season.

      D&D Plumbing (Romney) (304) 822-3299

      Lot 259

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