Poachers Spotlighting

Ashton Woods

Poachers Spotlighting

Over the weekend friends of mine and I were visiting my property located their the western edge of Ashton Woods. During the night we observed several people with flashlights and ATVs moving slowly through the woods, scanning the trees with their flashlights, and on two instances fired into the dark. This is totally unacceptable. This could have injured or killed someone. I believe this needs to be investigated and addressed

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  1. Tom Craigo says:

    I agree we will never be able to stop it all. I think as more lots are built, it will lessen. I hope, at least. I am a hunter, and in the first years here I caught several people on camera on my property, hunting and running dogs. I haven’t seen anything like that in the last 5-7 years.

    I also agree we should report it. I doubt it helps, but we need to do it to hopefully get the word out that we’re seeing what’s happening and it’s not acceptable in this community.

    There are owners in AW, I’m sure, that support this activity, but we need to be vigilant and aware, and keep up the pressure for OUR point, to stop this activity.

  2. bargerhouse@frontiernet.net says:

    Me and my wife was riding our side by side today. We seen tracks where someone had come through the gate on top that joins Nathaniel Mountain. They drove down the back side of the mountain. I really don’t think we will ever be able to stop people from coming here in that does not belong.

  3. Please report it. Poaching and spotlighting have been an issue all over Hardy County for as long as I have known. My family has hunted in Hardy County since 1963 and owned properties there since ’76. It is a common occurrence around the county. That does not make it okay. I am bothered by the # of people that enter AW that should not be there whether they are poachers or just riding around. Unless law enforcement catches them red handed, it is hard to prosecute them. Several of us have asked for help stopping riders from coming into AW from adjoining properties and have not had much success with our local law enforcement getting involved. Eventually someone is going to get injured by these trespassers. Or worse yet, there is going to be a physical altercation between them and a property owner fed up with their intrusions.

  4. You’ll find DNR policies and forms to request hunting policy enforcement under the “Documents” section on this site. If you believe someone is hunting illegally or trespassing, DNR is usually pretty cooperative.

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