RCS Buildings Being Cleaned, May 22 – 24

Ashton Woods

RCS Buildings Being Cleaned, May 22 – 24

This message is directed to all who use the RCS for their trash removal – – A group of college students will be cleaning all our RCS sheds between Saturday, May 22 and Monday, May 24. So that the yellow bins (marked Ashton Woods) can be thoroughly cleaned, we are asking all part time users of these bins to not place trash into these yellow bins once Envirco picks up the trash on Wednesday at the Main Gate RCS and Thursday at the West and TV Gates.

Trash may again be put into these bins on Tuesday of next week.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Paul Wangerin

3 Responses

  1. Catherine Baum says:

    Board members
    The minimum total land value in AW is $36000000 plus home property values. That is a lot to protect from fire. By deed, AW has a responsibility to protect the roads as well as a certain amt of property off the roads
    I am sure the Board has established contractual requirements with all contractors who do work on AW property. This would include how the Board would solicit bids,, licensing in WV, minimum bond and insurance requirements, etc.
    The BOD should establish similar policies dor volunteer services.. This should be non-discriminatory with regard to sex, age, RELIGION, etc

    I appreciate that we are able to find volunteers to help us out.
    Cathy Baum

  2. Catherine Baum says:

    Hi Paul, I just heard it will be 20 football players from Virginia and they’ll be camping on Lockinger Ridge near the intersection with Hampshire Ridge. I hope that we are insured in case someone gets hurt. Also, have they been asked to not do any fires? It’s very dry and dusty out. If a fire gets out of control, it puts us at risk
    And thanks to the young men for their community service

    • Paul Graham says:

      The group of young men is a Christian men’s group doing a community service project. I met them this morning and they were very respectful and have been driving very carefully to avoid kicking up dust. I don’t think we need to worry about these young men.

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