Road Damage

Ashton Woods

Road Damage

Here is a picture of some of the road damage I referenced. We appreciate any information you can share with us.

Paul Wangerin

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  1. Charles and Deborah French says:

    We were at our cabin on Shagbark last week Monday-Friday. We did not hear anything nor did we notice this damage when we left Friday at noon. Paul, did anyone go to the end of Shagbark or Little Van Meter to check the roads or properties? We have recently had some work done on our property that borders Shagbark cul de sac, hoping our new gravel pad didn’t entice the ATV riders.

  2. says:

    Wow. That is over near where we live and is recent. We hard a bunch of commotion Saturday morning but thought it was construction.

    We are ATV riders ourselves but just like to sight see and look for wildlife and take our garbage down to the shed. Any craziness, we stick to our own property on trails that we made for that purpose.

    Hope the people that did this don’t ruin it for responsible riders. When my folks visit they like to ride around and look at wildlife too. They are too old for trails (and quite slow on the ATVs) so people not being responsible would ruin it for them too.

    • says:

      Wow! If this is Troughview at Shagbark, it’s our property in the background. This must have happened recently. We drove past this spot Sunday 9/6 and I do not think it was there then. I wonder if they tore up Shagbark or Little Vanmeter.

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