Road to…somewhere

Ashton Woods

Road to…somewhere

We were out exploring AW this weekend. This sign is on S. Branch Mtn Rd, past the does with Nathaniel Mtn Rd heading up from Winterberry. Is this the entrance to the Nathaniel Mtn wildlife management area? Can you drive through there?

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  1. Matt & Amy Bernatz says:

    Thanks for the feedback everyone – Just trying to get the lay of the land.

  2. Matt & Amy Bernatz says:

    Thanks for the feedback – Just trying to get the lay of the land.

  3. Matt and Amy,

    The WMA that connects to AW does not allow any form of vehicular traffic on it. Unfortunately, people illegally cross the WMA to gain access to AW roads. If you are caught driving any form of motorized vehicles on the Nation Forest or WMA land, the penalty will be severe. You have tons of access to it, but it is by foot.

    Hope that helps. I wouldn’t want anyone to get crossways of the DNR for driving on the WMA.

    Are the leaves even starting to turn yet? I am dying to get up there, but it will probably be Thanksgiving week before I make it up.


    • Erin Higgins says:

      What is DNR?

    • Matt & Amy Bernatz says:

      Erin – DNR is Dept of Natural Resources (park police)

    • Matt & Amy Bernatz says:

      Just baaaaaaarely starting to turn last weekend. I suspect another 2 or 3 weeks for peak color. It’s our first fall here, so we’re going up as frequently as possible to take it all in.

  4. Philip Collins says:

    Matt and Amy, my husband and I like to explore the area as well and came upon the same sign a few weeks ago. We asked about it on this community forum and learned a lot from the many responses provided by neighbors.

    Look for this title for 7 Sept:
    “Where is the private entrance to Nathaniel Mountain Wildlife Management Area?”

    Hope it all helps! In the meantime, happy exploring!
    Hilary and Phil
    Lot 219

    • Matt & Amy Bernatz says:

      Thanks Hilary – there seems to be lots of conflicting information, and a lot of vagueness, like it’s all top secret 🙂 Just trying to figure it all out!

  5. Tim Schafer, says:

    Again, this not for Ashton Woods residents! It is for DNR Officers only! Do not block the entrance, you will be ticketed.

  6. Tom Craigo says:

    Tim Schafer I think had some information about that, but not sure he’s shared it with the forum yet. Tim?

  7. Matt & Amy Bernatz says:

    I didn’t turn up the road, but there was no visible locked gate. I could see up the road for a little ways, but didn’t drive up there at all because it’s just not well marked as to whether it’s private property or the NMWM area. I guess that still doesn’t answer my question of is this the access point for NMWM area. We’re just trying to familiarize ourselves with the community and access points.

  8. Gene Wishum says:

    Locked gate

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