Ruckman road block lights

Ashton Woods

Ruckman road block lights

We have received a couple complaints that the block light system on Ruckman Road is malfunctioning. It has been checked multiple times by Phil and myself. The system is working exactly as it was designed. A couple of things may have led to people thinking it wasn’t working. First, you must pull within 5 ft of the electric eye on the vehicle detector located on the post where the signs are, you, really need to get with-in 5 ft. Second the flashing lights may have been hard to see in the bright sunlight. A device has been installed to give shade an enable the flashers to be seen, All is fully charged and working properly. If you see my black wrangler on Clifford Hollow road it is broke down, needs water pump. Wrecker is on the way. thanks, Mark Skiles

2 Responses

  1. John Miller says:

    thx for checking system out….

  2. Paul Wangerin says:

    I checked this out yesterday and it is working appropriately.

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