Ruckman Road traffic signals

Ashton Woods

Ruckman Road traffic signals

There is a 1/4 mile stretch of Ruckman Road that steep, curvy and is very much single lane traffic. We have installed a block light signal system for everyone’s safety. 1) If you approach a station and a yellow signal light is flashing, wait there for on coming traffic to pass you.2) If light is not flashing pull within 5 feet of vehicle detector post, which will energize the flashing light at the opposite end of the single lane area, stopping on-coming traffic, waiting for you to clear. All lights are on a 10-15 minute timer. The system is operating, signs will be up soon. thanks, the road people.

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  1. John Miller says:

    I was up there the other day when Mark and Phil were installing. Mark couldn’t find and electrician that wanted to due this job and with the new cabins being built on Ruckman this was very much needed to alleviate the dangerous condition. Hats off to Mark for his hard work on this project!

    John Miller 572 Ruckman Rd.

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