Saw the Emu!

Ashton Woods

Saw the Emu!

Beth and Rachel saw that emu someone posted about a month or so ago! It was on the hillside just before the Trough View gate. Very strange, seeing such and exotic creature hereabouts!

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  1. Cheryl Willard says:

    Here’s the scoop – I called the Game Warden’s office, and they gave me the number for Animal Control, after telling me it wasn’t their responsibility. No answer from Animal Control and no voicemail to leave a message. I can try Animal Control again tomorrow.

    • says:

      After the first post with the picture I mentioned it to the guy who who comes to my house to read the meter for Potomac Edison and he said one of their other drivers reported seeing one emu more than once and thinks there’s more than one. Could someone have brought them as pets and they got loose? Is it even legal to transport them?

    • Paul Graham says:


      Believe it or not, Cindy saw the Emu today on Lockinger Ridge. So, I spoke too soon. She followed it all the way up from the power lines to past our house. I hope that you can get in touch with the animal control people because I don’t know that it can survive the winter without proper shelter.


  2. says:

    Was Doug and a yellow Plymouth Duster nearby? Odd place to be trying to save people money on their insurance.

  3. Paul Graham says:


    While I can’t be sure what they saw, I believe it was actually a Great Blue Heron. We saw it yesterday on our way to the Trough View gate. Huge bird! It likely wandered over from the Trough, as they generally live along water.

    The only way there would be am Emu around here is if it escaped from a zoo or farm, since they only live in the wild in Australia.


    • Cheryl Willard says:

      Hey Paul,

      Someone took a pic of it back on the 16th of August. It was most assuredly an emu, not a great blue heron. My oldest and I are bit of a naturalist, and are well familiar that it is not indigenous to WV. I imagine it was a pet or part of a farm – they were a fad for a short time a few years back. I think I’ll call the game warden, see if they want to try to capture it and get it somewhere it can be looked after. They can be dangerous, so it might be important to get it collected.

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