Seamstress or Tailor on the mountain?

Ashton Woods

Seamstress or Tailor on the mountain?

Hi all, I need some curtains altered; does anyone have a sewing machine? Failing that, is there a dry cleaner in town that does alterations?


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  1. Cheryl Willard says:

    Thanks, all. I just broke down and went and got a sewing machine. My husband about had a coronary laughing at me, his tomboyish, hunting, fishing, big truck driving wife try to manage the intricacies of threading a bobber and leading the fabric through the sewing-part thingy. 😀 No cussing occurred, so I call that a success! LOLOL

  2. says:

    Unfortunately there are no dry cleaners in town. They use to have a drop off for items and a truck from Romney would pick up and return. I was told that service no longer exists.

    I take my dry cleaning and alterations to Winchester.

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