security cameras/trail cams

Ashton Woods

security cameras/trail cams

We are researching security cameras and trail cams for our lot. I’m curious to hear from other AW property owners what you use/recommend. Appreciate any input! Thanks!

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  1. It depends on which part of AW you are building. If you have a strong cell signal on your lot, there are many that will send picture to you daily or immediately via cellular. I have relatives that use them on a farm in the western part of the state and everytime a deer, bear, or person walks by their camera it gets sent to their smart phone. The brand they use is SpyPoint. I don’t get enough signal for them to work on our lot.

    Also, be aware that bears will “play” with your camera if they are not in a box. Meaning they will take them off the tree and chew, bite, and carry them off. They make metal boxes for the cameras you mount to the tree and the camera fits inside. And you can put a lock on them. Prevents 4 legged critters and 2 legged trespassers from making off with your cameras.


  2. Donnie & Kathy Simmons says:

    I have used the TACTACAM REVEAL cellular camera. It will capture the picture and send it to your cell phone.

    My situation using mine @ Ashton Woods is signal issues … some spots are good & some not.

    Worth a try


  3. Tom Craigo says:

    Hi. I use Bushnell trail cams, but admit that I try to buy and keep a herd of older models because I have a bunch of bear boxes for the older models so I like to use what I know. I have no experience with newer models, and there are a bunch.

    As for security systems, I’m also old school and use a server to control/save the video. I use Blue Iris software, it’s cheap and very good, but does require a computer/server. There are a lot of new devices coming out all the time that send data to the cloud and I’m just starting to look into that stuff. My cameras are all inexpensive POE (power over Ethernet) units, like ReoLink, Foscam, and Hikvision. There are many others. There’s also systems you can buy, but I am sort of a tinkerer so I built my own.

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