Seeking recommendations for a part-time nanny

Ashton Woods

Seeking recommendations for a part-time nanny

Greetings AW Neighbors,

Our family has grown a bit recently and while we’re not outnumbered yet, we’re no longer able to swing childcare for two, during full time telework. We’ve looked into the two daycare facilities in Moorefield and Romney, as well as all of the in-home daycares within a 20 mile radius and unfortunately none of them have openings.

At this point we’re looking at part-time nanny options for a 3-month-old and 2.5 year old; Mon-Fri, roughly between 9am-1pm. Our 2.5 year old has a fair amount of energy, so we’d ideally like to find someone that can take him and our infant outside to play, go for walks, etc. We’ve looked at a couple of sites with listings but also thought it worth checking with the AW community in case anyone here has had direct experience, or connections to, child caretakers in the area. Welcome any recommendations.

The Gorecki’s

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