Septic tank clean out

Ashton Woods

Septic tank clean out

Hi, we are part time in Ashton woods and I was wondering how often you get your septic tank cleaned out?

I’m looking for a recommendation of a company to clean out


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  1. says:

    Septic systems are living things. They work best when treated kindly. If you never send anything else to it but biologicals and tp, you’ll have no issues for many, many years. As a Realtor, I’ve had many tanks pumped at the insistence of urban buyers who have generally never had one and don’t understand them. In 30 years of selling mostly weekend homes, which get fairly-low use, I’ve never once seen one that was even near to having a need to be pumped, but a large crowd (70?) all at once could overwhelm even a brand-new septic (and maybe the well). The systems cannot tolerate a huge influx all at once. The 3 things that would harm a septic system would be things that don’t decompose (paper towels, wipes, rags, feminine products), harmful liquids (bleach, oil, pesticides) and overuse, either constantly, or on occassion. Toxic liquids can kill the bacteria that liquify most of the solids. Wipes and papertowels can clog the system at any point. And overuse, is just overuse! All three forms of abuse send undecomposed solids into the drain field, ruining it forever (very expensive) and something that a pump-out won’t fix. Best to take good care. Health Departments will advise regular pump-outs, but they’re advising for the average WV home… a home with full-time kids, lots of laundry, large families and on small acreage. Their advice make no distinction for weekend home on acreage. Weekend homes on large sloping lots can likely go a long time between pump-outs. When it’s pumped, try to be there to see if it was really needed. It will guide you in the future. The pump guy will never tell you it wasn’t needed. If you do it, know where the lid is and yes, you may have to dig it up (ask ahead). Most access ports at AW should be near the surface, or even have a visible access port, but in installation years before 2000, some needed 6-8′ of digging to access them.

  2. Linda Wangerin says:

    Trish, this is our permanent residence but often only one of us is here. In 16 years, we’ve had ours done every 6-7 years. We had a septic tank disaster at another home (backed up during a Christmas party with 70 people on a freezing CT night!!! ) so we are cautious. We’ve used both Petersburg (A&S) and Moorefield (M&M). Both were fine!

  3. Tom Craigo says:

    I don’t know a company to clean out (and am curious)

    But, as for cleaning, If it’s just being used on weekends or even by 2 people full time, it would take years to fill up the solids in a septic tank. Water will flow off the top as it’s designed and there is no reason to get it pumped.

    So, it really depends on the situation and it could be 10 years before you need to get it pumped out, depending on how it’s used.

    • says:

      Tom is very correct, at being said there is an M and M Septic tank company in Moorefield. As far as I know they just pump it you must dig it up for them. Phil Rinker might be able to do the digging for you.

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