Shout Out to Our Board!!!

Ashton Woods

Shout Out to Our Board!!!

A big shout out to our board, to Mark, to Phil Rinker, and to anyone else who has anything to do with our roads!!

I took a little drive yesterday, way up into the high mountains of Ashton Woods. As a longtime owner down on Scarlet Oak Dr., it’s been a while since I’ve been up on Shagbark and Little VanMeter, and beyond. I remember back in the day of Hunter, when I was a bit afraid of some of those roads after a hard rain. I don’t think Hunter would even recognize these roads! They are beautiful!!

When you purchase land in a community like this, you’re really placing your trust in a bunch of strangers. Among those strangers, you hope someone will volunteer their time and effort, and put the general well-being of the community in front of their own self-interest. That is clearly what has happened at Ashton Woods, and we are all very fortunate for that.

With deep appreciation!
Floyd, Lots 42 and 43

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  1. Linda Wangerin says:

    Our AWPOA Board is hard-working and humble. They donate countless hours of work behind the scenes. AW has a history of good boards going back @15 years ago when George Banks was our first president. We all owe the board and our other volunteers a huge debt of gratitude! Please consider giving of yourself by volunteering for specific tasks (gate maintenance; picnic planning; etc.) as well as running for the board itself.

    Linda Wangerin

  2. TahomaRidge says:

    Couldn’t agree more! Our board is doing an outstanding job…thank you!

  3. says:

    I agree! I’ve been throughout the entire road system several times in the last few weeks showing properties. I’m very impressed with the roads and mowing. It really helps us sell properties! Thanks Phil and entire Board!

  4. says:

    thanks—total team effort, and Phil does a heck of a job. We are asking everyone to please watch their speeds and to try and keep under 20 mph. If everyone does that the roads will stay good for a long time. Driving too fast cause wash boarding, splashes gravel out and makes maintenance impossible. Not to mention the safety concerns, for hikers and 4 wheelers. We all pay for the roads via dues, so everyone can help them stay in good shape, and get the most out of the investment we all are making. Nice to see the effort is appreciated—–hats off to Phil, we are lucky to have him.

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