Snow on the ground

Ashton Woods

Snow on the ground

Had planned on going to my spot on Saturday. Can anyone tell me how much snow is on the ground? I’m in Hampshire Ridge.

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  1. says:

    John, the roads have been plowed, we are supposed to get more snow so not sure if we will get enough for another plowing. Have been out on the roads checking on them and they are still dicey due to ice in spots. If you are coming out 4 WD pretty much a necessity. I spent all day plowing my drive way, and still did not get it to where I like it because of the ice, this snow was odd as we had intermittent ice in between the snow fall.


  2. Paul Graham says:

    We’re on Lockinger Ridge and got about 6” today. Added to the couple inches remaining from the last couple of storms, we have about 8-9” on the ground. Snow banks are much higher, of course.


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