Stray Cat

Ashton Woods

Stray Cat

There is a black cat with white on the chest that is popping in and out along our drive way on South Branch Mountain road near lot166.

Anyone missing a cat?

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  1. Cheryl Willard says:

    I saw this cat yesterday, just below Winterberry on So. Branch Mt. Rd. It looks healthy enough. I stopped to try to call to it, but it also gave me a long look, then slunk off through the underbrush. I’m beginning to wonder if someone dropped him off recently, or if he took off while they were visiting for a weekend. Just an update for everyone.

    • Pauline Lockard says:


      was it black with a white chest?? I was told that it may have come over from Trough Road area.

  2. Pauline Lockard says:

    Mr. Gorman,

    As a pet owner and animal lover I would hope to find the owners of this cat.




    I saw the same ‘Tuxedo’ cat on the lower section of the road about 2 pm today. I stopped and called for it to come over to me, but he just gave me a long look, then disappeared.

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