Thanks for the mowing!

Ashton Woods

Thanks for the mowing!

We visited our cabin (lot 219) recently and noticed the left and right sides of the road along Little Vanmeter and Shagbark had been mowed. The more we looked at the other community roads, the more mowing we noticed. Thank you to whomever mowed or had the mowing completed. It looks so nice!!

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  1. Michael Tancredi says:

    Great Job on the grass trimming, Phil. With 45 miles of roadway, that’s 90 miles of cutting, even on a machine, at a walking pace. Must take the patience of a saint as well as a lot of focus, so you don’t roll down the bank.

    Thanks again, Holler if you need that deck welded up!


    Tank (336)

  2. Tim Schafer, says:

    Looks great! As usual.
    Tim 204,205

  3. Phil says:

    That would be Mr. Phil Rinker! He said thank you.

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