The Total TV Hubbub

Ashton Woods

The Total TV Hubbub

It seems a lot of chefs in the kitchen has led to some confusion and also some inaccurate perceptions about ASAP’s involvement in this situation. Let me get everyone on the same page with the total what’s what about ASAP being here and what’s happening at the Trough View gate.

First, ASAP. Since I took over the gates last year, I have been responsible for most (I think all) of the repairs. I live here, so that’s why things are generally fixed quickly. That was the point to my taking over, so we didn’t have to rely on ASAP so much. However, almost two weeks ago I got hit with a doubt of Bell’s Palsy. The left side of my face is paralyzed and while I’m fine with day to day stuff and getting around, I can’t speak and my left eye is not up for detailed electrical work. When I went down to Trough View and diagnosed the blown circuit board, it was clearly detailed electrical work. So, since we had already scheduled our annual inspection and ASAP was installing the keypads on the new Main Gate RCS, Veronica has been kind enough to interface with them to have them do this repair for us instead of me fumbling around with an expensive circuit board, one eye, and a screwdriver. That’s why ASAP is here. There is no change in responsibility or going back to them for our “regular” work. I just couldn’t do this one and they were coming anyway.

Second, the junk. There are three parts involved in code communication with the RCS doors. The main circuit board in the call box holds all the codes and instructions, an ancillary board allows communication to something other than the gate from the call box, and a transmitter on that ancillary board allows the communication with the RCS to be wireless. ASAP brought a circuit board. We need the ancillary board/transmitter too (it seems). That’s supposed to come Tuesday.

Third, who’s doing what. When the circuit board was not controlling the gate after they left yesterday, I went down and got that working. If anything happens on Tuesday that leaves things not working, I will go down then too. We are definitely on top of it and this is not a question of just waiting around for ASAP to get to us as some residents may feel has happened in the past, or them not meeting a set schedule and we’re at their mercy. We’re just waiting for a part under weird circumstances because I’m not up to snuff at the moment.

There. That’s the whole skinny. Temporary confluence of ridiculousness. As this appears to have been caused by electrical storms, anybody intent on more immediate solutions can direct inquiries to:

Zeus – God Of Lightning
Mytikas Peak
Mount Olympus
Thessaly, Greece 402 00

For less ethereal communication, I’m still alive. We’re all very frustrated, sympathetic, and sorry about the situation, but there’s just nothing avoidable in it. I hope that clears things up a bit for everyone.

Thank you for your understanding


6 Responses

  1. says:

    thanks for the update …. I wish you a speedy recovery.

    Terry and Pauline

  2. says:

    Gordon, sorry to hear about your Bells Palsy and thank you for the gate update. Have you been checked for lyme disease? That’s a symptom.

    Best regards

    • I have! All my blood work is normal, which is what brought them to the Bell’s conclusion. So, likely temporary. Hopefully weeks and not months. Hopefully less for the RCS locks.

  3. Paul Graham says:


    We’re sorry to hear about your Bell’s Palsy. We hope you recover quickly.

    Paul and Cindy

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