Topsoil Delivery?

Ashton Woods

Topsoil Delivery?

Hi All,

Anyone in AW dealt with having topsoil delivered here? If so, who did you go through?

Ed Gorecki, 236

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  1. Ed Gorecki says:

    Thanks all for the great recommendations!


  2. Tim Schafer, says:

    Yep, Mark said it best. Randys has best pricing for top soil. Sent you a E-mail Ed.

  3. says:

    Randy’s Contracting on the north end of River Road, close to Romney, has top soil and he will deliver. 304-671=2674.

  4. Phil says:

    You can also call PhilbRinker here in Ashton Woods he can can help you also. 304-851-4527

  5. Paul Graham says:


    We have gotten topsoil from Grant County Mulch in Petersburg. We hired Bergdoll Trucking to pick it up. Start by calling Grant County Mulch to see if they have any topsoil. They don’t always have some.

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