Tree trimming services

Ashton Woods

Tree trimming services

Last week I posted a question to see if anyone could recommend a tree trimming service and a contractor to build a water feature on our property. I didn’t get any responses so I called a tree trimming service I found on the web. JC Tree Service of Moorefield came out on Saturday and did a great job. They climbed trees and trimmed out limbs and opened up the view. They were on time, did good work and were very affordable. I told the owner, Javier, that I’d post on this site for him in case someone needs tree work. Their number is 304-202-3455. On the water feature, I called two contractors who advertise that water features are their main line of work and left messages. One is in Winchester and the other in Warrenton. No response from either as yet.

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  1. Tim Schafer, says:

    Ummm, Tim 2 people responded to your request immediately and I made a post just on tree trimming at an excellent price by a Local a few months ago.
    Just saying.
    Tim 204, 205

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