trespassers on my property

Ashton Woods

trespassers on my property

FYI, My property, 572 Ruckman Rd., has a chained driveway and numerous posted signs. Couples on two different occasions have trespassed onto my property, over my chain and down my 900 ft driveway to my cabin. The one couple was back in Jan 2020 and the most recent last week on the 12th. I have photos of both couples and if I catch them again on my property, I will post photos on the AWPOA website at the direction of our President!

John Miller

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  1. says:

    If you think that’s bad some asshole throw out nails and screws on Pin Oak road and I had to get a screw removed from my tire.

  2. Catherine Baum says:

    So maybe nosy AW homeowners out on a hike being curious or walking up to meet a neighbor?

  3. Tim Schafer, says:

    Is this the little house you can see being built from Corridor H ?

  4. says:

    Post the pictures so the rest of us property owners can be aware. We’ve seen plenty of posts with pictures of vehicles etc.
    it give your fellow property owners a clue what to be watching for in Ashton Woods.

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