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Hi Everyone.
We’ve just returned to our property after being away for the winter. While we were away our trail cam captured video of a blue pickup releasing dogs, a red pickup with dogs, and 3 men with 2 dogs walking our property. All of these individuals would have had to open our gate to access the property. And unless I’ve given you permission to come onto my property, you’re trespassing.
I’ll post screen shots of all in the morning. I appreciate any guidance from other property owners regarding how to move forward to avoid future uninvited guests.

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  1. Charlie Winfree (#61, 71 & 77) Realtor says:

    Not all required entry through the gate. The last two on that list (with the white dogs) took place within the same minute as a real estate buyer with me walked over to your building site from the adjacent Lot 37, which is for sale, to see where you might build.

    • says:

      Regardless of how you got onto the property you were there unannounced and uninvited.

  2. says:

    Just a follow up. You can also see the videos of the Coyote, Bobcat, Fox and Deer on my facebook page. 🙂

    Here are the videos:


    That’s very distressing. Did the dogs soil or otherwise disturb your property? Are these people residents? Each owner’s property is sacrosanct and inviolable as far as I am concerned.

    • says:

      My property wasn’t disturbed in any way. However, I didn’t give these people permission to open my gate and make themselves at home.
      I’m happy to make my property available to hike or explore. But ONLY of we have a conversation about it first. Feel free to text me or stop by and we can talk. Otherwise, trespass at you’re own risk

  4. Tom Craigo says:

    Call the cops and provide the pics. Since they had dogs, also alert the game wardens.

    • says:

      Thank you for the suggestion Tom. I’ll be contacting them this week.

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