Trough View Gate

Ashton Woods

Trough View Gate

Hello Friends, Chuck and I are wondering if anyone else is having trouble with their key fobs working on the Trough View Gate but the same key fobs work on the other two gates?
Thanks so much for your assistance!
The Helmick Family

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  1. Sergey Mishkovskiy says:

    I’ve re-updated data on both Main and Trough View gates (West gate is still out). Please let me know if that did not resolve your FOB access issue. Thanks.

  2. Sergey Mishkovskiy says:

    I’m not seeing any discrepancies between different gates. So the next step is to confirm that what we have in the system matches with your FOB numbers. If you guys could individually email me your FOB number(s) I can verify that on this ends. Thanks.

    • Danny Wimer says:

      Here’s a tip for all, don’t/if you carry a fob on your key ring all the time, the # will disappear. I have 2 fobs that the sticker with the # is either gone or not discernable. I think Sean previously found my #’s in the database and was able to reactivate them the last time this happened. Anyway, record your fob # somewhere for future use as soon as you get it.

  3. William Winch says:

    yes, our FOBs work on only the West Gate

  4. Andi Parkinson says:

    Same issue. Key fob does not work

  5. Danny Wimer says:

    I have several and none of mine work at TV Gate, the one I need it to the most.

  6. Tim Schafer, says:

    Our FOB’S are working fine and are tested at least twice a day, including today. i will check with Sergey to see if your FOB’S need to be re-entered into the system at Trough gate.
    Thanks, Tim 204 205

  7. Andy Pirnik says:

    Yes, we are having the same issue. Key fobs work on the other gates though, went and tested. I assume it’s part of the software upgrade that was said was needed but do not know. Gate code does work.

    • says:

      We’ve had no issues and both of us have been in and out of that gate today using our fobs.

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