Trough View Package House

Ashton Woods

Trough View Package House

Make sure to check both package houses as Fed Ex seems to drop all packages in one or the other.

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  1. william J winch says:


    I will need specific email addresses for the both of you please.

    William Winch
    1700 Trough View Rd

  2. william J winch says:


    We closed last Friday and honestly we don’t know what Mailbox assignments we have, or at what gate we would find that mailbox. Honestly we have not even been presented with a Gate Code yet.

    Now here on this site it still as of this evening says my access to the web portal is PENDING APPROVAL.

    Can we please get some assistance.

    William Winch

    • Sean Lecher says:

      We can’t do anything if we were unaware of a sale ….Have you or your realtor made contact with anyone prior to the sale? What lot did you purchase? Please email a copy of your deed to the secretary (Peter Cook) & myself.
      Once verified, a gate code will be issued & you will be granted access to the site

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