Update on the Trough View Gate

Ashton Woods

Update on the Trough View Gate

To All Ashton Woods Property Owners:

The AWPOA Board is as frustrated as everyone else on the problems with the Trough View Gate. We have researched endlessly to find another vendor to assist with repairs, but no others are available. They have finally looked at the problem (after numerous contacts on our part) and have ordered the parts for repair. They have indicated it will take three weeks for all the parts to arrive, and then time will be scheduled for ultimate repair.

It is important that you all keep in mind that our board and our manager of the gates are all volunteers and receive no compensation. It is very unhelpful when negative comments are made or posted.

One more message is important to add to this post – – please respect the private property and no trespassing signs that many owners have at their lots.

Thank you for your understanding and attention to these issues.

Paul Wangerin, AWPOA Board President

2 Responses

  1. Louis Cianfrani says:

    Mr. Paul,

    I am not a full time resident yet but, I do come up from time to time. It’s not easy to run a board or be on a board. I have been there and you cannot please everyone. It is impossible so just keep on doing all that you do when you can and who knows, I may volunteer one day to help out once I become a full time resident.

    Thank you for being a faithful volunteer,

  2. Tom Craigo says:

    Thanks Paul. I don’t know of the issues because we don’t come out often in the winter, and I’m sure if I needed access to a certain gate and couldn’t get in, then I would be upset.

    Thanks for keeping us informed.


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