Vehicle use tax in WV

Ashton Woods

Vehicle use tax in WV

Hi, looking to be educated on registering a vehicle in WV, anyone know the rate of personal property tax on vehicles?


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  1. Tim Schafer, says:

    Trish, i think you meant to say annual bill. lol, yes they send a bill separate from the your lot bill.
    Tim 204,205

  2. William Winch says:

    Is it cheaper then Virginia?

  3. Markwood Construction says:

    If you’re on Hardy County side, check out:

  4. Tim Schafer, says:

    Hi Trish, We are in Hampshire county, but i believe it works the same in Hardy county. Register your vehicle at the MVA. Go to the Assessors office, I believe it is in the courthouse. They will send you a bill next year. The rate is 1.41800 per Gross value as determined by VIN number.
    Tim Schafer lots 204, 205

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