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Ashton Woods

Veterinary service

My parents dog got bit by a snake their last visit (we didn’t know it at the time) and we ended up going back to MD to go to my dogs normal vet when the paw got swollen and oozy. They said it was probably a copperhead and that we were lucky. I would like to have a recommendation for a vet around here (especially on weekends in an emergency situation). Thanks in advance!

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  1. Pauline Lockard says:

    I agree with Shirley’s comments about South Branch. They have treated our pups for various issues/accidents. Unfortunately for ER service, the have reduced hours on weekends and holidays.

    They have a very friendly staff but are limited at times with appointments unless you bring them in as an emergency during the hours of operation.

    Overall I have had tremendous success with Tom and Leslie Parisi. They are very knowledgeable and will discuss the treatment options for your “family members”.

    I have also used them for house calls but must schedule way in advance for availability.

    Feel free to call me if you want additional information.



  2. says:

    Hi Kim,

    We have been using South Branch Animal Hospital ever since they opened about 10 years ago for our two dogs & our cat when we had one. They are excellent. The owners Tom & Leslie are fantastic & our dogs really like to go to them even when they need a shot. Tom mainly does large animals & Leslie the others. They also have a couple of other vets. We also use their grooming service monthly & Shalia is the best & the dogs love her.
    They were not going to carry the anti-snake venom at first, because of its cost, until after a couple of years in business, a 5′ rattle snake show up in their back drive. Out of 6 vets we have gone to mainly in Virginia Beach, they were they only ones who knew about our breed, Karelian Bear Dogs (KBGs). They went to school in New Jersey & Tom is from there & our breeder was in NJ.
    I cannot remember which but it makes a difference in treatment depending on where the animal was bit, above the heart or below. You can ask them.
    Hope this helps & if you want to talk, give us a call, especially Shirley who knows them more than I.
    Good Luck.
    Jerry & Shirley Cole
    3135 S Branch Mt Rd
    Moorefield, WV 26836

  3. Geoff Brehm says:

    Hi Kim!

    A couple years ago Mali got a real bad cut on her back probably running under a fence. I called every vet working from the closest out. No one would see her that day until I got to Mountainview in Petersburg. Been happily using then ever since.

    Geoff Brehm

  4. Thomas Tamburo says:

    South Branch Animal Hospital 304-530-7224

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