Ashton Woods

Thief in Ashton Woods

To whoever stole the flag/flagpole by our gate and trashed our sign on Ashton Woods Drive – you have until Monday to return it no questions asked. I have a trail cam on that gate and if I do not get it back I’ll pull the photos and file a police report. I know not…
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New to the Neighborhood

Hi Everyone. My wife and I are new neighbors here. We purchased lot #200 a few days ago and are super excited to be here. We rented a cabin in Davis County back in November of last year and fell in love with the state. I’ve wanted to own land and have a mountain house…
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Boys being men

Hey all! It’s been good to see this place alive with activity after so many months of quarantine. We saw several machines and vehicles traveling through this weekend and many neighbors were up to enjoy the warm weather! Love it! While I’m here, I want to share with all of you the standards we’re setting…
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Anyone missing an emu?

Yesterday driving down our driveway there’s an emu hanging around…it was spotted again by Phil Rinker today. I’m used to bears deer and coyote. But an emu? Really? Felt like Jurassic park yesterday with him running away

AC not working

Hi, anyone have a HVAC company you can recommend. Our AC isn’t working Thanks

Log home contractor recommendations

My wife Cindy and I are new property owners in Ashton Woods. We are looking to build a log home on our lot. Does anyone have any experience in dealing with Kidwell Construction Co. or any other companies that will act as a general contractor to have a log home built? Thank you in advance…
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Bears on the mountain

Hey all, we saw a huge momma bear and what we think were 4 cubs. Tried to get a good pic, but this is the only one worth sharing.

Camper for sale

2014, 30ft, Keystone Outback Camper for sale, $20,000. It has 1 bedroom with queen size bed, shower, kitchen, bump outs, leather recliners and small sofa in living area, electric fireplace, and pop up tv. Sleeps 5 comfortably. We used it occasionally on our lot in Aw and now live here full time so we no…
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General Contractor?

Hi all, We’ve used D&T Builders, and they’ve been great, but they seem really busy and I’d like to get some work dones sooner than they’re available. Do we have an alternate General Contractor option? Thanks

Landscaper/ grass cutting

Looking for someone to cut the grass and weed wack etc. Once a month or every 2 weeks.

Good morning fellow owners

Did everyone weather the storm well? We had a power hit and temporarily lost internet, but otherwise no damage or downed trees. What a doozy that was! Let me know if anyone needs anything.

Found a great HVAC company!

Hi Neighbors, We’ve had a few issues lately with our AC unit and we happened upon a great guy! His name is Rob Dolly, his company name is M R Heating, Air Conditioning, and his phone is 304-538-7148. Super quick, figured out what was wrong right away, very reasonable prices. Peace, Floyd Gómez-Starnes Lots 42…
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Comet Neowise

Hello, All! My wife and I are new to the community in lot 54. We have been camping on weekends here since May and have loved every minute. We really enjoy the peace and quiet away from the daily rat race around the beltway where our jobs are. We look forward to being able to…
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Washing and Staining Exterior of Log Home

I am seeking an individual or company to wash and and then stain the exterior of my log home. Anyone who knows of a possible contractor please contact me. Lot 51 on Ashton Woods Drive.

Shout Out to Our Board!!!

A big shout out to our board, to Mark, to Phil Rinker, and to anyone else who has anything to do with our roads!! I took a little drive yesterday, way up into the high mountains of Ashton Woods. As a longtime owner down on Scarlet Oak Dr., it’s been a while since I’ve been…
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If you are the driver of a Jeep Wrangler that was traveling at dangerously excessive speeds tonight at 8:40 p.m. (Saturday, June 13) heading towards the Main Gate on Ashton Woods Drive, you are a danger to us all! You were kicking up such a huge cloud of dust that I couldn’t catch the color…
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offers for you property

Anyone else out there getting a low ball offer to buy your property from Evans IG, LLC in Woodlands TX I am located close the Corridor H gate?

Kitchen Counters

Does anyone have a recommendation for a local contractor that can install kitchen counters? We did ours ourselves but I’d like to upgrade at some point – thanks!

safety notice trees in power line

Be very careful if approaching a situation where fallen trees blocking the road may be in contact with power lines. This is a situation for power company electricians only. Get the number off a nearby power pole and report it. Currently one has been reported at pole A-31 on South Branch Mt road. It has…
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