Free Roosters

Ashton Woods

Free Roosters

Hello neighbors–

Our family has been living at our cabin full time since March and have nurtured a little flock of chickens since April. We have two Cornish roosters (about 4 months old) which we will not be able to take with us when we move to Leesburg next week.

They are large free range meat chickens and are ready to be someone’s Sunday dinner. Since they have been treated as pets, our kids will have nothing to do with that idea!

If you know of anyone who would be interested in these birds, please pass this offer along.


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  1. Richard D Willard says:

    Hi Grace,

    I’m logged in under my husband’s account, too! I’m Cheryl Willard and I left you a rambling voicemail. I am def interested in the roos. I’m going to start my own flock of egg layers, but meat chickens are a great option, too. Please call me at 304 434 4353 if they’re still available.


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